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—Toys Against Anxiety

Ad Stars Korea (crystal award)

Agripina Spain Award

Turning old quarantine t-shirts into toys to relieve dog’s anxiety

The concert merch industry promotes the impulsive buying of unneeded garments. This leads to over 4.6 million t-shirts being sold annually at concerts, which translates to 9600 tons of CO2 emissions. On top of this, we don’t even wear 50% of our closets. 

To address this issue, we collaborated with Coldplay to not sell any merch, but rather turn your old garments into concert merch by stamping them.


With the end of telecommuting, many dogs, especially those adopted during the pandemic, are at risk of separation anxiety.

Unfortunately, ignorance about how to deal with this behaviour can lead owners to abandon them.


Many owners give their used t-shirts to their dogs to alleviate the anxiety caused by their absence since these contain their essence.


With the aim of improving the lives of dogs and owners, we created a collection of toys for dogs made with a t-shirt worn by the owner. It will not be with just any t-shirt, but with the one that was used daily to telework during quarantine.

CW:  Sergio del Hierro

CW & ART DIRECTOR:  Elena Casas