Coca-Cola Europe

—Make Every Rainbow Count

Agency: Grey 

Global CCO: Laura Visco

ACDs: Manu Castillo & Enrique Torguet

AD & CW: Rodrigo Domínguez, Elena Hernández & Elena Casas

Turning rainbow washing into rainbow supporting

Every year when Pride arrives most brands update their logo and dress their products with the rainbow flag. What originally was a sign of support and gave visibility to the community, has turned into rainbow washing: a one-month switch with marketing purpose that doesn’t actually help the LGBTQ+ community in most of the cases.

Coca-Cola wanted to actually make a difference and give real support. So we decided to let people turn every rainbow flag out there into a real donation to LGBTQ+ associations that fight for inclusiveness.

Turning pre-owned garments into merch just by putting our stamp on them

The concert merch industry promotes the impulsive buying of unneeded garments (4.6 million t-shirts annually), which means 9600 tons of CO2 emissions. On top of this, we don’t even wear 50% of our closets. 

We collaborated with Coldplay to not sell any merch, but rather turn your old garments into concert merch by stamping them.


2 D&AD (new blood White & Graphite)


1 Clio Awards shortlist

1 One Show ADC shortlist


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COPYWRITERS: Sergio del Hierro & Elena Casas